New large hand coloured linocuts. 60cm x 80cm

IMG_3877 copy IMG_3874 copy IMG_5546
Magpie in Silver Princess Gum / Cockatiels with Paddy melons / Possum in Coarse-leafed Mallee

IMG_5559 IMG_5549 Light Possum
Following Fire- Grasstrees with Rosellas in the Grampians
White-plumed Honeyeaters in Grass-leaf Hakea
IMG_5592 copy Grey Falcons

Two new medium linocuts 40cm x 55cm

IMG_5553IMG_5551 Red-browed Firetails in Blue Mallee
Golden Whistlers inLemon-flowered Gum

Five new small linocuts, framed size 32cm x 32cm

IMG_5609 copy IMG_5585_2 copy IMG_5608_2 copy

IMG_5618_2 copy 1 IMG_5611 copy 1