A series of new images has been added to the collection.
The image itself is 16 cm x 16 cm
The framed size is 32 cm x 32 cm.
IMG_3336_2 copy IMG_3505 copy IMG_3334_3 copy
Azure Kingfisher,Budgerigars and Green and Golden Bell Frog.

IMG_3499 copy IMG_3512 copy IMG_3339_2 copy
Black-fronted Dotterels, Diamond Firetails and Yellow-winged Honeyeater in Kangaroo Paw.

IMG_3338_2 copyIMG_3342_2 copyIMG_3340_2 copy
Dragon Fly, Fairy-wren in Honeysuckle and Butterfly in Pink Gum

IMG_3351IMG_3857IMG_3861 copy
IMG_3865 copy 2
Possum in Pincushion Hakea, Golden Whistlers in Lemon Gum, Pardalotes, Maggies

IMG_3519 copyUnframed prints $45. Framed prints $65.